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Staff – How to add a new staff record

1. Go to the Infobase tab. 2. Click on staff–>Add New. 3. Fill in the info on your screen. A first name and surname are required under the initial Basic Details section. 4. Under user profile give the staff member a username ( Please use the staff members email address . . . Read more

Admissions – Managing Future Students

Staffroom has features that help you manage the admission of prospective and future students.  Staffroom can help you: Organise your future enrollments by year and using statuses such as wait listed, placed, enrolled etc. Communicate with future students by email, and… Enroll future students into their class for the upcoming . . . Read more

Absentees – Capturing daily student absentees

Daily absentee information can be recorded on Staffroom for students. Absentee information can be captured for either infobase classes or assessment groups.  Absentee information is taken in Infobase classes by default in Staffroom and some setup is required before assessment groups can be used for capturing this information. Capturing Absentees for . . . Read more

Absentees – Checking Capture is Completed

Staffroom displays a class grid on the Infobase home screen that you can use to check which classes have completed their absentee capture for a day: There are some important points to note about the attendance completion grid: The grid will display infobase classes and/or assessment groups that are marked for taking . . . Read more

Absentees – Statistics

Staffroom includes an absentee statistics tool to help your school analyse and report on absenteeism.  This tool can be accessed for students or for staff via Infobase > Absentees > Statistics: The panel on the left allows absentee data captured in Staffroom to be queried and filtered: By date range including . . . Read more

Behaviour – Overview

Staffroom provides tools to help schools to record the behaviour of students and automate behaviour policies based on flexible sets of rules and actions. NB: Setting up the behaviour features for the first time can be a little tricky without help.  If you are interested in using these features at your school . . . Read more

Behaviour – Issuing Merits & Demerits

It is possible for school staff to issue merits and demerits to students from the +merit and +demerit buttons found on the behaviour page on an individual student profile: You can also issue merits and demerits using the menu options found under the Infobase > Behaviour > Issue Merits or . . . Read more

Behaviour – Escalation Policies and Actions

Each time you issue merits and demerits Staffroom checks a set of rules called escalation policies.  If a rule in an escalation policy is met then automatic actions called escalation actions can be triggered, such as sending email or SMS notifications to parents.  Before the automatic actions are triggered escalations . . . Read more