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What is Assess?

Assessment tools, reporting, and more The Staffroom Assessment module is a flexible powerful assessment system that helps you capture, share and report on your assessment activities.  Using the Staffroom assessment module you can: Create markbooks to capture assessment results and perform calculations Print or email beautiful full-colour term reports Print or . . . Read more

Assessment Concepts

The following are the main parts of the Staffroom Assessment module.  Understanding these will help school staff who want to create their own custom markbooks for their schools. Category A category is something you can use to organise your assessment results. You can think of a category like a kind . . . Read more

Capture – I can’t see my markbooks?!

Help! I can’t see my markbooks… The first thing to check is that you are in the right place.  If you have not navigated to the correct year and grade in the assessment module, you won’t see your classes. Please check that you have navigated as follows: Select “Assess” from . . . Read more

Capture – Markbook Button Locations

We’ve changed the layout of the Markbook buttons to make navigation easier and more intuitive. Navigation Buttons We’ve moved our markbook navigation buttons to the top right Course navigation on the left is now included on all markbook screens These changes will allow you to switch more quickly between markbook, settings, . . . Read more

Capture – Assessment Comments

It is possible to capture comments into the Staffroom assessment module for use in term reports and schedules. Many schools use comments on their term reports to provide feedback to parents about a student’s progress during a term. There are two places you can find comment fields in staffroom: On . . . Read more

Capture – Filtering Markbooks

Working in large markbooks with lots of results in them can be quite difficult, so we have included a filtering feature to help make this easier. Filtering Results The filtering feature allows you to select a subset of the markbook to view.  This feature allows you to view results for . . . Read more

Capture – Mark Moderation

It is possible to moderate or override marks in Staffroom markbooks. What is Moderation? If you moderate a mark you are overwriting the mark with a new value in the markbook.  The new moderated value for the mark will be displayed in the markbook and highlighted in blue.  The new . . . Read more

Capture – Markbook “Compatibility” View

The Staffroom Assess markbooks have a “compatibility” view to allow you to capture marks: If you are using an older slower device If you are using a slower internet connection If you are using a device or browser that has an incompatibility with Staffroom markbooks Slow Markbooks? Assess module markbooks include lots . . . Read more

Reporting – Markbook Audit Trail

Welcome to our Markbook Audit Trail – your go-to tool for transparently tracking and managing changes to your assessment data.  This guide will walk you through the various aspects the Audit Trail logs, how to access it, and how to interpret the information presented in the table format.  What Can . . . Read more

Reporting – Understanding the Audit Trail Table

The Audit Trail is presented in a user-friendly table format with the following column titles: Result Title – Displays the title of the audited result (e.g., Activity, Result set, Comments).  Action – Indicates the action taken on the result (Updated, Deleted, Unlinked, etc.).  Field Name – Specifies the audited field . . . Read more