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What is the InTouch Portal?

The InTouch portal is a website that students and parents can use to see information about their family and school. Share With Parents and Students Schools can use the portal to share useful information with families about their children and about activities at the school.  Your school can use the InTouch portal . . . Read more

Inviting and Registering Parents and Students

Parents and students will need to be invited to use the InTouch portal via email and must register before they can access it. Username = Email Address Any parent or student who wishes to use the InTouch portal will use the email address that the school has stored for them in . . . Read more

InTouch Portal Settings

The InTouch portal has settings that allow you to customise what parents and students can see and how the site looks: What information to display to parents and students School branding Contact Information The settings for your InTouch portal can be found by navigating to InTouch > Settings > InTouch . . . Read more

Portal Announcements

It is possible to create announcements that are visible on the dashboard of the Intouch Portal.  You can create announcements that provide important or useful information and documents to parents and students who use the portal.  Note that announcements are only visible to parents and students who log into the . . . Read more

Homework Tasks

It is possible to create homework tasks in the Staffroom Assess module and to share these with parents and students via the InTouch Portal. Viewing & Creating Homework Tasks Homework tasks are viewed and created in the Assess module in Staffroom.  If you navigate to Assess > Markbook and select the . . . Read more

Important Information about InTouch Portal

There are a few important points that you should note about the InTouch portal: Schools Must Support Their Parents & Students Schools must provide support to their own parents and students when required.  Eiffel Corp and the Staffroom support team are unable to assist parents and students directly.  Any technical . . . Read more