What is the Infobase?

Where we keep your important records

The Staffroom Infobase is where your school can keep all of it’s important records for students, families and staff members.  In the Infobase, you can see all of the information that Staffroom keeps about a student, family or staff member in one easily accessible place.  Finding one of these records in Infobase is also quick and easy via the quick search field that is displayed at the top right of every Staffroom page.


Student, family and staff records in the Staffroom Infobase can be used to keep and organise information such as:

  • Demographic and contact information
  • Journal notes
  • Documents and files
  • Email and SMS communications (sent out of Staffroom’s InTouch module)
  • Attendance records
  • Behaviour records
  • Academic records

Tools that help you use that data

The Staffroom Infobase also has a set of tools that help you use and maintain your important school records:

  • Data Imports – to help you get large batches of student and family data into Staffroom
  • Exception Lists – to help you keep your records up to date and complete
  • Prints / Exports – so you can get reporting and data out of Staffroom and into other tools like Excel
  • Pastel / Financial Sync – export your family data to your financial system to keep it up to date

The Staffroom Infobase also has some special tools to help schools with labour intensive administration tasks:

  • Attendance – easily capture and report on attendance for students and staff
  • Behaviour – easily capture and report on behaviour events and automate school behaviour policies
  • Groups – create groups of staff and students so that you can communicate with them via email and SMS