Students – How to add a new student and family record

Adding a new learner and family comes in 3 steps. Firstly the family is added to the system, secondly the learner is added and thirdly the learner and family are linked together with setting the relationship of each parent to the learner.

Please see below for the instructions on these 3 steps:

Step 1: Adding the family

1. Go to the Infobase tab.

2. Click on Families–>Add New.

3. Fill in the unique family salutation eg Mr and Mrs Joe Soap.

4. Fill in an account number should you capture account numbers on your database ( this can be left blank).

5. Click on Save. You will now be asked to add in the parents of the family, one by one. Parents can be the mother, father, aunty, uncle, guardian, emergency contact – anyone related to the learner.

6. When you have finished adding in the information click on Add Parent. NB Should you wish to add another parent after you have finished the one you are busy with select the Add another parent after checkbox. If you need to add another parent at any time you can go to Families–>View, search for the correct family, click on it and select Add Parent on the top right hand side of the screen.

7. Once you have added all your parents you now need to add the learner information.


Step 2: Adding a learner

1. Go to the Infobase tab.

2. Click on Students–>Add New.

3. Fill in the requested information. Do not forget to put the learner into a class under the Enrolment and Admissions section.

4. Click on Add student to staffroom.

5. You now need to link the learner to a family.

##Step 3: Linking the learner and family and setting the relationship

1. The screen you are on now will have a search box on the right hand side. Type in the surname of the family you added in step 1.

2. The family should appear on the screen now. Click on Allocate to the right hand side of the correct family.

3. You have now linked the learner to the family.

4. From here you can click on the salutation of the family on the screen or alternatively search for the family under Family–>View and click on the salutation from here.

5. On the top right hand side click on Settings.

6. Each learner that belongs to the selected family will be listed here, Underneath each learners name each parent that was added will be listed. To the right hand side of the parents’ names there is a Relationship drop down. Here you select the relationship of that parent to the learner.

7. Next to the relationship drop down there are checkboxes for SMS and Email. Here you can select which parents should receive SMS’s or emails sent from staffroom.

8. Once the above info is filled in you can move onto your next family and repeat from step 1.

Should you wish to add any further info to a learner or family simply go to the Infobase tab and click on Students–>View or Family–>View respectfully. From there, search for the learner or family you wish to edit, click on their name and click on the Edit button.