Absentees – Capturing daily student absentees

Daily absentee information can be recorded on Staffroom for students.

Absentee information can be captured for either infobase classes or assessment groups.  Absentee information is taken in Infobase classes by default in Staffroom and some setup is required before assessment groups can be used for capturing this information.

Capturing Absentees for a Class

  • Navigate to Infobase > Absentees > Students > Entry.
  • Select the class you wish to take attendance for and the date (the current date is the default).
  • You will be presented with a class list and absentee recording options.

Capturing Absentees for an Assessment Group

  • Navigate to Assess > Home
  • Select the assessment group you wish to take attendance for.
  • If the group is selected for attendance on the day of the current day of the week, you will be presented with an assessment group list and absentee recording options.

In both cases the screen and options for recording absentee information is the similar:


  • To indicate that all students are present, select the Yes / No toggle button in the yellow row at the top of the grid.  This is the only action required to complete attendance capture when all students are present.
  • To indicate that students are absent, late or have left early use the Yes / No toggle button next to the student name.  When a student is marked as absent then it is mandatory to select a reason for absenteeism.  Comments can be optionally entered if more information needs to be included.