Attendance – Statistics

Staffroom includes an attendance statistics tool to help your school analyse and report on absenteeism.  This tool can be accessed for students or for staff via Infobase > Absentees > Statistics:


The panel on the left allows attendance data captured in Staffroom to be queried and filtered:

  • By date range including quick selection of term start and end dates using the term range drop down selector.
  • By class, grade or the whole school.
  • By type of absenteeism i.e. absent, arrived late and/or left early.
  • Students who have left the school can be included/excluded.
  • Selection of whether to display the detailed list of all selected absentees or just summary statistics
  • Figures in the output can be rounded or displayed with decimals.

Once you have chosen the filters that you are interested in you can select the filter button to display both a summary of attendance data by school, class and grade:


If you have selected the “detailed list” option then a detailed list of all of the attendance records included in your selection will also be displayed.  Note that you can export or print the results of your query to excel/PDF for further analysis by using the buttons at the top left of this page:


WCED Exports

If your school is in the Western Cape in South Africa you will need to report attendance data in a specific file format to the WCED.  You can export the file format required from the attendance statistics screen above via the CEMIS Export button:

Note that:

  • You must select the date range from the panel on the left of the screen.
  • All student absentees in the school are automatically included in the file.
  • Date of capture is only included on attendance records captured after the 1st of October 2019.