End of Year Reporting Updates


We have made some changes and improvements to Staffroom to help support your end of year assessment and reporting:

  • Missing Marks Health Check – this has been improved to display the results by teacher and subject so that you can more easily see which staff have not yet completed their marks capture.  For more information about health checks see the following help article here: Assessment Health Checks.
  • Mark Moderation Code and Comments – the mark moderation feature has been improved to allow for the capture of a code and comments when marks are moderated.  This information along with the staff member who completed the moderation is also displayed in the pop-up window when you hover over a moderated mark.  Moderation codes of * and C have been added to indicate senior phase adjustments and Mathematics Condonations respectively.  For more information about moderation see the following help article here: Mark Moderation.
  • Senior Phase Mark Condonation Reports – custom reports have been created in the new Insight module to help you identify which senior phase students qualify for marks adjustment and which qualify for the maths condonations.  Note that these students will still need to have marks moderated in the markbooks (see above).  You can find the condonation reports in the Insight module which is a new reporting module that is being enabled in all Staffroom sites: Insight.
  • WCED Schedules & Verification Pages – we have updated the WCED schedule and verification pages where we are aware of changes.  In order to ensure that these documents match the ones produced from the WCED recording sheets please note the following:
    • Senior phase marks that are within 5% of a pass should be moderated and the moderation code used should be a *
    • Senior phase students who qualify for the maths condonation should have their maths mark moderated (the same mark should be entered) and the moderation code used should be C.
    • Senior phase students who qualify for the maths condonation should also have their final Mathematics promotion result moderated to RP(M).

If you have any questions about any of the new features or the processes for completing WCED format reporting, please contact our support team for more help.