4th of September 2017 – InTouch Upgrades

We have released some major internal upgrades to the InTouch module on the morning of the 2nd of September.  The changes are intended to fix problems some schools have experienced when sending email and SMS from Staffroom, including:

  • Duplicated emails and SMSes
  • SMS sending via SMSWeb being delayed or unsuccessful (we’re now using their web service API).

While these changes are quite significant they will not be visible to the end users of Staffroom.  We don’t expect that there will be any impact on schools, but please check that your outgoing mail and SMS is working properly during the week of the 4th of September.

NB: If you use SMSWeb your SMS credit balance may not show correctly until after you have sent your first batch of SMSes after these changes.  This is due to changes in the way that the SMSWeb API works with regards to retrieving your SMS balance.

If you do see anything unusual or if you have any questions please contact our support team.