What is Insight?

The Insight module has been created to provide customised reporting from any of the school data you keep in Staffroom.  The new module is accessible in the main Staffroom module menu via Insight.

  • Reports can be branded with your school logo and name.
  • Any data within your Staffroom site can be included in these reports.
  • Reports can be extracted in various PDF formats or as Excel sheets.


Every school will have access to this module for free, but the reports available in the module may differ according to the school’s needs.  Reports are custom built for schools on request and a fee may be charged for the creation of new reports.

Can’t see what we’re talking about above?  All Staffroom features are controlled by user role and permission so if you can’t see something perhaps you should speak to the system administrator at your school.  If they are not sure then they can always give our support team a call.