20th of August 2018 – WCED Term Performance Reporting Update

During term 1 and term 2 we provided some advice to schools about term performance reporting requirements from the WCED.  If you didn’t see that advice it’s probably a good idea to catch up on what we said…

Just to repeat what we said last time: At Staffroom we view this as a very positive change as it will ultimately allow schools to report directly from your Staffroom site to WCED.  We are developing features in Staffroom to allow this reporting to take place painlessly and without double capture that takes place right now.  It’s about time, right?

SA-SAMS Export (Coming Soon)

In the last two weeks the WCED has informed us that they would like us to prepare an SA-SAMS format export for testing.  Staffroom already has an SA-SAMS format export feature which is used in provinces outside of the Western Cape so we are working with the WCED to test this with a few schools during term 3.  It is not likely that this feature will be generally available for use by all Western Cape schools by the end of term 3 so you will still need to submit term performance using the WCED recording sheets (sorry – please don’t shoot the messenger, we’re trying).

There are two important data requirements that schools will need to think about as a result of using the Staffroom SA-SAMS export:

  • More Data is Mandatory: SA-SAMS has more mandatory data requirements than Staffroom so schools must fill in extra details within Staffroom before they will be able to complete this export successfully.  We have created a data validation tools in Staffroom to help schools complete this update quickly and easily.  In some cases extra data may need to be collected from students and parents.
  • WCED CAPS for Reporting: we are not yet sure how flexible the reporting of assessment data will be.  It is possible that some of the variation that Staffroom allows in markbooks may not be acceptable when reporting to WCED via SA-SAMS export.  We have already built a CAPS compliance health check to help schools see where they have varied from WCED CAPS and we will add more features to help ease the burden of compliance.

Further Information

We will continue to provide updates on this topic as we find out more.  We don’t always get information before schools do so please do continue to let us know if you hear anything more about term performance reporting.  We really do appreciate the information we’re getting from the schools that are helping us!

Also, if you would like to speak to someone about this issue please let us know as we’re happy to give you a call.