1st of June 2018 – WCED Term Performance Reporting Update

At the end of term 1 we provided some advice to schools about term performance reporting requirements from the WCED.  If you didn’t see that advice it’s probably a good idea to take a look at that now…

At Staffroom we view this as a very positive change as it will ultimately allow schools to report directly from your Staffroom site to WCED.  We are developing features in Staffroom to allow this reporting to take place painlessly and without double capture that takes place right now.  It’s about time, right?

Unfortunately, we’ve not received a lot of information from WCED just yet so it is unlikely that you will be able to complete term 2 performance reporting using Staffroom.  We are doing as much work as we can now so that submissions can take place directly as soon as possible and here’s an update on what you can expect:

CAPS Compliance Health Check

We’ve nearly completed development of a new CAPS compliance health check (this feature is on your test sites at the moment).  The health check compares any markbook created from one of our CAPS templates to the latest version of that template and indicates where there are variations.  Schools will be able to use this health check to determine whether any changes have been made that may cause problems when reporting assessment to their provincial department.

Term Performance Extract

We’ve begun development of a term performance extract feature that will create files in the same format as those currently produced from WCED recording sheets.  Schools will be able to use this feature to extract files and directly load them into WCED systems without using the WCED recording sheets.  We hope to have a prototype of this extract ready for the end of term 2, however, we have not yet had any indication from WCED whether schools will be allowed to use it.  For this reason we recommend that you continue to use the WCED recording sheets as we recommended in term 1.

Further Information

We will continue to provide updates on this topic as we find out more.  We don’t always get information before schools do so please do continue to let us know if you hear anything more about term performance reporting.  We really do appreciate the information we’re getting from the schools that are helping us!