Reporting – Print, Archive or Email Term Reports

You can print term reports from within a student’s marks page or from the assessment module home screens.  The “Print Report” and “Print / Export” buttons in the top right corner of these screens are used for printing:


  • Print for one student: The Print Report button on a student’s marks page is used to print term reports for just that one student.
  • Print for a group of students: The Print / Export button on the Assessment Home screen can be used to print term reports for groups of students e.g. whole classes or grades.  The group of students that you will print for are the ones in the assessment group you have selected on the Assessment Home screen.

Printing for One Student

When printing for one student you will see a drop down list of the term reports that are available to print for that student:


When you select the term report that you would like to print Staffroom will create a PDF document which will be downloaded to your computer.  Once the PDF has been downloaded you can then open it and either view it or print it.  NB: Using this print option will create a report using marks currently stored for the student in markbooks.

Printing for a Group of Students

When printing term reports from the Staffroom assessment module’s Home screen you can print term reports for all of the students in the group you have selected e.g. a whole class or grade.  When you click the Print / Export button a dialog is displayed with different options including the “Reports” option for term reports:


There are also three different print options available when printing from this screen:

  • Print: When you choose the Print option Staffroom will create a PDF document containing all of the term reports for the students in the selected group.  The PDF will be downloaded to your computer and you can then open it and view or print it.
  • Print and Archive: When you choose the Print and Archive option, a PDF document is created in the same way as for the Print option above.  In addition, a copy of each report is also saved on each of the student’s records in the Report Archive page.
  • Email: When you choose the email option previously archived copies of the term reports will be sent to the parents of the students in the selected group.

Printing Reports

The Print only options above will generate new versions of student term reports using the marks that are currently displayed in markbooks.  It is recommended that you only use this option when you wish to check or review a report.  The print only options should NOT be used to create copies of term reports that you will distribute to parents, rather, only use the print options for printing term reports for review and/or checking purposes.

Archiving Reports

The Print and Archive option will save a copy of a term report onto the student’s record in Staffroom.  It is recommended that you use this option when you are ready to create term reports that you will distribute to parents.  Please note:

  • Only one copy of a term report can be saved on a student record per term i.e. the latest one that was archived.
  • Each time you use the Print and Archive option the term reports saved to student profiles will overwrite the previously archived copy (if one exists).
  • You can access the archived copies of term reports from the Archived Reports page in a student’s record.

Note that the permissions that provide access to archived reports are separate from those required to print, archive or email reports.  Through these permissions, it is possible to give school administrative staff access to archived reports without needing to give them access to markbooks or other print functions.  This feature allows school administrators access to reprint reports that have already been distributed to parents i.e. final checked copies of term reports.

Emailing Reports

If you have not emailed term reports from Staffroom before, we recommend you contact our support team so we can assist you with the process.

The email option allows you to send PDF copies of term reports to parents.  The term report that was last saved to the student’s report archive will be saved.  You will need to use the Print and Archive option to save copies of the term reports to student records before using the email option.

Can’t see the options and screens we’re talking about above? 

Staffroom features are controlled by permissions so if you can’t see the menu options and screens we are talking about you may need to talk to your Staffroom Administrator.  The permissions for the features above are found under:

  • Settings > Roles & Permissions > Assessment > Email Reports
  • Access to groups on the assessment module home screen is controlled via Assessment Groups