Capture – Markbook “Compatibility” View

The Staffroom Assess markbooks have a “compatibility” view to allow you to capture marks:

  • If you are using an older slower device
  • If you are using a slower internet connection
  • If you are using a device or browser that has an incompatibility with Staffroom markbooks

Slow Markbooks?

Assess module markbooks include lots of great interactive features but sometimes on older slower devices, on slower network connections, or on some web browsers, the markbook may respond slowly or not work properly.  The markbook compatibility view removes many of the interactive features so that older devices and incompatible browsers will work faster and more reliably.

Using The Markbook Compatibility View

If you click on the title of the column in the normal markbook the markbook compatibility view will open for that column:


The compatibility view only allows you to capture marks into one column of a markbook at a time:


Using the markbook compatibility view should allow teachers to capture marks faster on older and incompatible devices.

Can’t see the options and screens we’re talking about above? 

Staffroom features are controlled by permissions so if you can’t see the options and screens we are talking about you may need to talk to your Staffroom Administrator.