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Reporting – Aggregates and Averages

Staffroom includes a tool for calculating aggregate averages for different combinations of marks and different groups of students.  The averages tool is flexible and it produces tables of averages as well as a table of mark distributions for the selections made.  This page is often used by schools to create . . . Read more

Reporting – Condonation Reports

In order to assist with CAPS mark condonations the Staffroom team has created reports that help you identify marks that are eligible for condonation. Insight Reports You can find a report for each grade in the Insight module: If you are unable to see the Insight module in the Staffroom . . . Read more

Setup – Setting Up Your Assessment

This page is intended to guide you through the three main steps for setting up assessment using the Staffroom Assess module.  These steps are for schools that are setting up their assessment for the first time (since setup can be copied for subsequent years).  The page describes the main steps briefly and . . . Read more

Setup – Creating Categories

Please note that we have recently removed access to the category settings for schools.  We have done this because the risk of error when making changes or cloning categories is quite significant.  If you require any changes to category settings or if you need to have a category cloned please . . . Read more

Setup – Creating Courses

Teaching at most institutions and schools is organised into areas of study.  At different institutions the area of study may be referred to as a subject, class, module, or course.  In Staffroom Assess2 we refer to an area of study as a course and we use courses as the place . . . Read more

Setup – Creating Markbook Columns (Results)

Results are what you use to add the columns to your course markbooks.  There are four different kinds of results you can add to an Assess2 markbook and this page explains a bit about each kind. Adding Results to a Markbook To add results to a markbook you should navigate . . . Read more

Setup – Markbook calculations explained

This article explains how to set up a markbook, and how marks are calculated.   To understand the basic concepts of the different types of results that are available, please read the creating results article.   Mark Types Activities, result sets and rule based results each have a mark type. There are two . . . Read more

Setup – Creating Assessment Groups

Assessment groups are what is used to enroll students and teachers into courses in the Staffroom assessment module.  It is possible to create assessment groups that contain ANY combination of students, teachers and courses. Note that assessment groups live within categories so any assessment group you create will only be visible . . . Read more

Setup – Bulk Markbook Changes

It is possible to make bulk changes to all of the results in a category using the “Bulk Markbook Admin” feature.  This feature allows you to select and modify results from multiple markbooks in a category and then make changes to them, such as hiding, showing, or locking of markbook . . . Read more