What is the InTouch Portal?

The InTouch portal is a website that students and parents can use to see information about their family and school.

Share With Parents and Students

Schools can use the portal to share useful information with families about their children and about activities at the school.  Your school can use the InTouch portal as a convenient way to help keep parents and students up to date with a variety of information, including:

  • School announcements
  • Upcoming events
  • Calendar and timetable information
  • Student & family contact information
  • Student journals
  • Correspondence sent to the family
  • Homework tasks
  • Attendance records
  • Assessment marks
  • Student behaviour
  • Copies of term reports



Your School Has Control

The InTouch portal is a separate website from a school’s Staffroom site and a school can control what information they wish to share with their parents and students on the portal.  Each school’s InTouch portal is separate from other schools and is accessed via it’s own web address (URL) like a school’s Staffroom site.  Schools are also able to do some simple branding of their InTouch portal site so that their school’s portal reflects the colour and logo of the school.

Targeted Information for Families

The information that family members see on the InTouch portal is tailored to their family:

  • Parents only see information about their children
  • Parents only announcements and events for grades, classes, and groups that their children participate in
  • Students only see events and information for grades, classes and groups that they participate in.