Important Information about InTouch Portal

There are a few important points that you should note about the InTouch portal:

Schools Must Support Their Parents & Students

Schools must provide support to their own parents and students when required.  Eiffel Corp and the Staffroom support team are unable to assist parents and students directly.  Any technical issue that the school is unable to resolve can be reported to the Staffroom support team by the school and assistance will be provided.

Schools can enter their own support contact information in the Contact Us section of the InTouch portal site (see Portal Settings for more information on this).

There is a Help Site for Parents & Students

In order to ease the burden of support on schools we have created a separate help site for the InTouch portal:

We think we have included answers to the most common questions that parents and students would ask, but if you have a suggestion for an additional article please let us know by emailing

Updates May Take 15 Minutes to Show

In order to make the InTouch portal respond quickly we use caching to improve site performance.  This does mean that changes made in Staffroom may take up to 15 minutes to reflect on the InTouch portal site.