Inviting and Registering Parents and Students

Parents and students will need to be invited to use the InTouch portal via email and must register before they can access it.

Username = Email Address

Any parent or student who wishes to use the InTouch portal will use the email address that the school has stored for them in Staffroom as their username.  Parents and students will need to use the email address as their username when they log on to the InTouch portal website.

It is important that:

  • The school has the correct email address for each parent and student
  • The email addresses are active and can receive email

Invitation Emails

You can use the InTouch module to email parents and/or students to invite them to register to use the InTouch portal.  We recommend inviting parents and students via email as this will also help you validate that you have the correct email on record for them.

When emailing parents and/or students invitation emails we recommend you include:

  • A link to your school’s InTouch Portal e.g.
  • A link to the InTouch portal help site:
  • An instruction to the parent or student to register so they can access the portal
  • Optionally, some indication of what the school will use the portal for.

The InTouch portal has a help site which contains FAQs that will help parents and students to register and use the site.


The first time that a parent or student accesses the InTouch portal site for your school they will need to register.  Registering will allow them to set their own password which they will need to enter each time they want to access the InTouch portal.

Once parents and students register then they will be able to access the InTouch portal and see the information that your school has decided to display to them.