Karri Payments Integration

Student and family data in Staffroom can be *automatically sent to the Karri Payments system.  Karri is a mobile payments system that your school can use to gather payments from parents.  More information about Karri can be found here: Karri Payments.

NB: Warning enabling this integration will send student and family data from your Staffroom site to the Karri Payment system.  Sharing data with third parties is governed by POPI legislation in South Africa so please ensure that your school has complied with necessary requirements before using this feature.

What this Feature Does

Karri uses Staffroom to get family contact details about your school’s families and to keep this data in sync with what is on Staffroom.  This removes the need for school’s to keep family contact data up to date on both systems manually; updates to contact details need only be made on Staffroom and they will *automatically reflect on Karri.

  • Limited student and family data for all current students is sent to Karri.
  • The Karri system gets your data from Staffroom; no data is sent from Karri to Staffroom.
  • Updates may take up to 24 hours to reflect on Karri after they have been made on Staffroom.

How to Connect Staffroom and Karri

Syncronisation of student and family data can be switched on by a Staffroom administrator via the Settings > General Settings > Karri Integration:


By default the integration will be disabled for your Staffroom site.  You can enable the integration by selecting ‘Enabled’ from the drop down box in the Karri section on this page.  When you enable the integration you will be asked to confirm this:


Once the integration is enabled you will be able to see an integration key.


Provide Key and URL to Karri

Before any data can be sent to Karri you need to provide them with the following information:

  • The API key shown in the Karri Integration section of the settings page above (you can use the copy to clipboard button to copy this).
  • Your school’s Staffroom site address e.g.

If you need more help enabling this integration on your Staffroom site, please contact the Staffroom support team.

Having some problems with the Karri Integration or Data?

Troubleshooting: Missing Parent Contact Details on Staffroom

The data sent to Karri is dependent on contact details being populated for parents and those details being enabled for notifications.  If this data is not entered for a parent and related student in Staffroom then the parent may not be contactable in Karri. Parents must have either a cell phone or an email address on Staffroom and this should be selected for notifications for the related student in the parent settings:

Troubleshooting: Karri Data Refresh Requests

*The Karri integration works in an automated way, however…

If all data appears to be correct (as described above) in Staffroom then you may need to request that the Karri team performs a data refresh for your school.  Karri imports Staffroom data regularly into their system, however they do not update your school’s Karri data regularly; this must be requested from Karri by the school.