Development completed in 2024: BUG FIXES

We’re continuously improving our Staffroom software to better serve you. One great aspect is that we can implement these updates seamlessly, ensuring your school’s access to Staffroom is never interrupted. However, because of this, we might not always be able to keep everyone informed about every small change we make.

We make smaller improvements every week and communicate these directly to the clients who requested them. For larger updates, we notify everyone via email, Facebook, and Twitter. To ensure transparency, we’ve decided to publish a summary of all the development work we’ve completed. While this is just a summary, if you’d like more details about any specific change, feel free to reach out to our support team:

In 2024, the Staffroom development team has FIXED the following BUGS so far:

Issue TypeIssue keySummaryCLIENT
BugSD-243WGHS.Staffroom not loadingWGHS
BugSD-236Twitter Feed Not Working – Replace with Facebook FeedINTERNAL
BugSD-232KENRDIGE: Staff Information FormKendridge Primary
BugSD-198MICKLEFIELD: Report designer – Some functions not workingMICKLEFIELD
BugSD-196FAIRMONT: Learner totals not showing for final grade via infobase classesFAIRMONT
BugSD-194KENRIDGE: Parent occupation not appearing in alphabetical order in the parent profilesKENRIDGE
BugSD-193LILFORDIA: Hyperlink on announcements for Parent Portal not allowing automatic click and play.Lilfordia
BugSD-183KENRIDGE: Learner totals via ClassesKENRIDGE
BugSD-180Extraction Not Pulling Required InfoKRONENDAL
BugSD-178HLO: Special characters are not appearing in the calendar titleHLO
BugSD-176STAFFROOM: Assessment group duplication when same student name addedWGHS
BugSD-175RHS: Grade 10 reports show whoops errorRHS
BugSD-172Template Site: Roll markbook changes into template site not working/updatingINTERNAL
BugSD-170DHS: Error in markbook schedules – including other Grades, left students and Future enlroments.DHS
BugSD-168Kronendal – Custom Export for Families BrokenKRONENDAL
BugSD-167WAOE -Whoops an error occurred when accessing 2024 in the class list viewWAOE
BugSD-166BRAKKIES: Grade 11 Progression schedule unable to downloadBRAKKIES
BugSD-165SUNLANDS: Order of the names not correct on the progression schedulesSunlands
BugSD-160BHS-Absentees changeBHS
BugSD-137PHAHS – Client getting an error when requesting delivery email report PHAHS
BugSD-130FAIRMONT- Admissions register not opening gives 500 error.Fairmont
BugSD-129BHS – Absentee Default Reasons not workingBHS
BugSD-124MSB: 504 error during category clone operationMSB
BugSD-118SA SAMS validation not completing properlyCPS
BugSD-101Code Fix for Account Payer IssueKronendal
BugSD-100Template siteInternal
BugSD-88Class still showing next to student marked as left. THPS
BugSD-87Montagu – Student Printing and ExportsMontagu
BugSD-73CURL certificate error in LexisNexis integrationLexisNexis
BugSD-69All students showing in life sciences markbook schedule for grade 12SWARTLAND
BugSD-61incorrect subject in learner profiles – historyBHS
BugSD-59All gr 11 Eng HLSWARTLAND
BugSD-58 Subjects appearing on the academic transcripts where the student has not been assignedCPS
BugSD-56Unable to print class listNHP
BugSD-55Mathematics Grade 11 course and Grade 10 Geography and Life Sciences courses.SETTLERS
BugSD-53Lilfordia School – Parent Information updateLilfordia
BugSD-52Re: Attendance register not matchingOAKLEY
BugSD-51Custom Profile not working – Schools Primary Student ProfileSETTLERS