Development Completed in 2018

Staffroom software is being updated and improved all the time.  We are able to release changes without bringing the Staffroom sites down which means that upgrades don’t affect your school’s access to Staffroom at any time (and we think that is great), but that does mean we can’t always keep everyone up to date with all of the smaller changes we’ve made.

Smaller changes are completed and released every week and we communicate these to the client who requested the change.  When we make larger changes we communicate these out via email, facebook and twitter, but smaller changes are not necessarily communicated to everyone.  For that reason we have decided to publish a summary of the development work we’ve completed.  This is only a summary so if there is a particular change you would like more information about please contact our support team

The Staffroom development team completed the following changes during 2018 (as at 24th of July 2018):

Issue Type Key Summary Requesting Client
Bug ST-15474 CPU > 80% on ‘staffroom-app-d’ STAFFROOM – Internal
Bug ST-16392 Settings: Profile link not working VISTANOVA – Vista Nova School
Bug ST-16394 PJJDS: Birthday not showing on printed list PJJDS – Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School
Bug ST-17430 WBJS: Uploading of new learners for 2018 WBJS – Wynberg Boys Junior School
Bug ST-17514 StellenbergHS: Parent Assessment Groups Error STAFFROOM – Internal
Bug ST-17679 Stellenberg: excel reports export class names incorrectly STELLEBERG – Stellenberg High School
Bug ST-17748 Not adding new student to assessement group using Infobase classes KENRIDGE – Kenridge Primary School
Bug ST-17773 SUNRIDGE: Bug when entering teacher training years SUNRIDGE – Sunridge Primary School
Bug ST-17783 ECHS: Marks not pulling to Intouch portal STAFFROOM – Internal
Bug ST-17822 Error on Assess Page view JGM – JG Meiring High School
Bug ST-17859 NHP: Staff Details in PDF NHP – New Hanover Preparatory
Bug ST-17877 Newton House School – incorrect date left NHS – Newton House School
Bug ST-17962 Export Grade 12 lists CBHS – Camps Bay High School
Bug ST-18157 CHS: Absentee Calculation Incorrect CHS – Claremont High School
Bug ST-18195 Missing Marks – Global Markbook Shown Incorrectly in Results STAFFROOM – Internal
Bug ST-18252 Comments not showing in the Mark Summaries Report KENRIDGE – Kenridge Primary School
Bug ST-18296 CEMIS Calculator Not Working Retrospectively GARCOM – Gardens Commercial High School
Bug ST-18326 KleinGim: Report Designer showing Staffroom webpage instead of report KLEINGIM – Paarl Gymnasium Laerskool
Bug ST-18350 “Offer follow-up Action” not available STAFFROOM – Internal
Bug ST-18371 ECHS: Get error when adding staff or editing staff STAFFROOM – Internal
Bug ST-18394 MSB – Unable to delete students/staff MSB – Multinational School Bahrain
Bug ST-18397 Behaviour Module HLO – Hoerlandbou Skool Oakdale
Bug ST-18429 STAFFROOM: Absentee Statistics not including grade 12 for previous year STAFFROOM – Internal
Bug ST-18436 Incorrect Absentees on Infobase Home Screen Chart STAFFROOM – Internal
Bug ST-18495 GGPS: PASTEL 0- Import Export File Layouts – Customer Master File.pdf GGPS – Golden Grove Primary School
Bug ST-18653 Students who have left school STAFFROOM – Internal
Improvement ST-14326 WHS: Feature request: InTouch – send from other email addresses WHS – Westerford High School
Improvement ST-14850 HLO: Google calendar integration / import HLO – Hoerlandbou Skool Oakdale
Improvement ST-15608 HELDERBERGHS: Behaviour emails to have dynamic subject line HELDERBERGHS – Helderberg High School
Improvement ST-16115 RHS: Absentee’s RHS – Rhode High School
Improvement ST-16399 Siblings on Staffroom Exit PJJDS – Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School
Improvement ST-16476 PAARLBOYSPRIMARY: Automated Behaviour Escalations & Actions PAARLBOYSPRIMARY – Paarl Boys Primary
Improvement ST-16547 HLB: SMS on behaviour HLB – Boland Landbou
Improvement ST-16548 Religious absent UNICORNSCHOOL – Unicorn Preparatory School
Improvement ST-16762 Assess2 – add warning prompt when deleting report designs for all Staffoom Sites STAFFROOM – Internal
Improvement ST-16817 ZWHS: Need to add criteria to label print – grade ZWHS – Zwaanswyk High School
Improvement ST-16979 BHS: Demerit Category Setup BHS – Bergvliet High School
Improvement ST-17309 WHS: Email address issue. WHS – Westerford High School
Improvement ST-17369 Stellenberg: Assessement Groups per Grade only shows grades of current year. STELLEBERG – Stellenberg High School
Improvement ST-17466 St Columbas – add email addresses on the voters Roll STC – St Columba’s School
Improvement ST-17484 St Columba’s Create Insight Report STC – St Columba’s School
Improvement ST-17485 WGJS: Entry screen for invoice and fee detail / setup WGJS – Wynberg Girls Junior School
Improvement ST-17506 SA-SAMS Export Beta Testing STAFFROOM – Internal
Improvement ST-17565 Infobase – prevent changing the year in Class Edit STAFFROOM – Internal
Improvement ST-17682 SMSWeb Available Credit API STAFFROOM – Internal
Improvement ST-17685 Feature request regarding email senders BHS – Bergvliet High School
Improvement ST-17738 Stellenberg HS: Report Request STELLEBERG – Stellenberg High School
Improvement ST-17853 ISLAMIA: Groups ISLAMIA – Islamia College
Improvement ST-17861 Improvement: Allow Designer to print any Parent info KENRIDGE – Kenridge Primary School
Improvement ST-17863 ST Columbas – Behaviour STC – St Columba’s School
Improvement ST-17904 Development of voters role WESTRIDING  – Westriding Primary School
Improvement ST-17968 SJMC: Report for active SMS and Email contact details. SJMC – St Josephs Marist College
Improvement ST-18030 Changes to WCED Schedule THPS – Timor Hall Primary School
Improvement ST-18196 Release Dates Based on Term Dates STAFFROOM – Internal
Improvement ST-18291 Report Print and Archive STAFFROOM – Internal
Improvement ST-18389 STELLENBERG: InTouch portal: absentees STELLEBERG – Stellenberg High School
Improvement ST-18421 Allow for SA-SAMS export without validation enabled DHS – Silikamva / Disa High School
Improvement ST-18509 WHS: Allow display of all Intouch portal sections to students including marks WHS – Westerford High School
Improvement ST-18749 Fwd: Final Notice: SparkPost Deprecating TLSv1.0 on July 9th SETTLERS  – Settlers High School
Improvement ST-18758 WCED Schedule Release Date Improvement STAFFROOM – Internal
Improvement ST-18759 Create Category and Tags During Clone STAFFROOM – Internal
Improvement ST-18765 Enable SA-SAMS features on all PSP test sites APEX – Apex High School / Acorn
New Feature ST-14049 Development of SA-SAMS export STAFFROOM – Internal
New Feature ST-17724 APEX: Import & Export Improvements APEX – Apex High School / Acorn
New Feature ST-18376 New Assessment Health Check for CAPS Compliance STAFFROOM – Internal
New Feature ST-18378 Allow Configuration of Weekend Days MSB – Multinational School Bahrain