Everyone has a Staging Site

Every school has a Staffroom staging site

Every Staffroom school has their own staging site which is a copy of their live Staffroom site that they can use if they want to test something out safely.

NB: This is a really important part of the service we provide our schools since our recommended best practice is to always test big changes out before attempting them on your live site.

Your staging site is accessible using a similar address to your live Staffroom site:

  • Your live site address looks something like this: <your school>
  • Your staging site address will look something like this: <your school>

For example, the live site has a staging site

Your staging site also contains a copy of the live site data so that means the username and password for the staging site will be the same as what you use on your live site.

What you need to know

There are a few differences between your Staffroom live site and your staging one:

  • Your staging site has a copy of your live data in it: every evening your data is copied from your Staffroom live site to your staging site.  This means that any changes you make in your staging site will be overwritten at the end of each day and your data will revert to a copy of your live data the next morning.
  • Staffroom may be different: we release software changes into the staging sites first, so you may find that not all features on the staging site are exactly the same as your live site.
  • Service levels may vary: we do try to keep the staging sites up and running, but we don’t run the staging sites with as many servers and we do also test changes on them.  What this means is that the staging sites may have a little more downtime than Staffroom’s live sites which are available 24/7/365 and they may sometimes run a little bit slower.
  • It’s a different colour: so that you won’t get the two sites mixed up the Staffroom staging sites have a red banner at the top of the screen so you have an obvious visual cue that you are working somewhere different.